11 Indian Proposal Videos That Will Thaw The Most Frozen Heart

Viewers are requested to have a box of tissues nearby.

1. This one where the boyfriend literally starred in a movie complete with a helicopter sequence.

2. And this one where he showed them their happy, loving and everlasting future together.

Like a good sanskari Indian boy, he asked her parents first.

3. And this one where the star of the movie promised to always be his future bride’s hero.

4. This one where a full-on Bollywood performance was given before he popped the question.

5. This one where the Punjabi munda bust out his moves and a proposal in a flash-mob.

6. And another Punjabi kuda publicly expressing his love in a request to keep her for life.

7. This one where the boy belts out the most romantic Bollywood song to ever exist.

8. This one who presented the perfect pitch to why she should marry him.

Like she needed any more reason to love this cutie.

9. This one where jumping out of airplanes was involved and a ceremony was held on the spot.

10. This one where he presented their entire lives so far in a beautiful video.

11. And this one where he went with their family to receive her at the airport but little did she know.


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