A Blind Mother Seeing Her Newborn Son For The First Time Will Warm Your Heart

… And it was love at first sight.

1. Kathy Beitz is legally blind. But thanks to a technology called eSight, the new mom was able to see her first child just moments after delivery.

Yvonne Felix / Via youtube.com

Kathy was allowed to borrow the eSight device — wearable electronic glasses that allow the legally blind to actually see — for the day.

2. This wasn’t just the first time Kathy was seeing her baby — it was the first time she was ever seeing any baby in her whole life. “For the first baby that I get to actually look at,” Kathy said, “being my own is very overwhelming.”

Yvonne Felix / Via youtube.com

Kathy’s sister Yvonne, who uploaded the video to YouTube, told BuzzFeed that Kathy suffers from Stargardt disease, an inherited form of juvenile macular degeneration, and lost her vision as a child.

3. She was able to admire her son’s long toes, which she said look just like his dad’s…

Yvonne Felix / Via youtube.com

4. And his cute little mouth, which she thought resembled her own.

Yvonne Felix / Via youtube.com

5. But after examining him from head to toe, Kathy seemed to conclude that her precious little son is the perfect combination of mom and dad.

Yvonne Felix / Via youtube.com

6. Kathy was also able to see her husband as he looked at their baby, which she described in the video as “such a good feeling.”

Yvonne Felix / Via youtube.com

7. While Kathy saw her son on the day he was born, her sister Yvonne hopes Kathy will be able to watch him grow up. She’s started a campaign to help Kathy and others in the blind community get long-term access to eSight. Learn more at #MakeBlindnessHistory.

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