Aching sides! Warren begs for cash; blames campaign debt on coffee, pizza

No, really. Even post-election, Elizabeth Warren is continuing her “Sitting Bull” ways.

Elizabeth Warren owes 400k on pizza and coffee, fortunately she’s part-indian – so she doesn’t have to pay taxes on it.…

— Michael Butler (R) (@beasting_butler) December 9, 2012

She should have saved money by serving up some of her plagiarized Pow Wow Chow recipes!

From a Warren campaign email, via :

For example, we knew we would have to buy a LOT of coffee and pizza all across the Commonwealth for our volunteers. After all, we’ve been proud beyond words to have one of the scrappiest, toughest grassroots armies ever assembled in Massachusetts or even the country — and a grassroots army moves on coffee and pizza…

But one of the results of our embarrassment of riches was, well I’ll come out and say it — we ended up with a little bit of debt… we need a little more money to pay off our final bills. Can you help one more time?

Oh, that dastardly pizza and coffee! Why do cheesy goodness and the dark nectar known as coffee hate Native Americans?

RT @chueyburnsrcp Campaign over, but Elizabeth Warren emails supporters asking for more $$: “We ended up with a little bit of debt”

— Mike Memoli (@mikememoli) December 4, 2012

A “little bit” of debt. No big whoop! She didn’t build that! Twitter did build something, though: Hilarious mockery.

She raised record sums of money, but @elizabethforma is deep in debt. She should find federal budgeting a snap.

— Jeff Jacoby (@Jeff_Jacoby) December 6, 2012… A fake Indian, a corrupt lawyer and a moron who can’t add walk into a bar. Bartender says: “Hi Senator Warren!”

— John LaRosa (@jslconsulting) December 7, 2012

Liz Warren calling on supporters to help cover campaign debt. Not even in office yet & asking you to dig deeper. #ReapWhatYouSow

— BostonWriter (@bostonwriter) December 6, 2012

sounds like she’ll b able 2 balance a budget RT @foxnation: Elizabeth Warren Blames Campaign Debt On Coffee And…

— J.L. Whitney(@JL_Whitney) December 9, 2012

Fauxhontas Fail–>Warren Campaign Blames Pizza for Debt in Post-Election Fundraising Email via @breitbartnews

— Sheri Aden (@huskerdiva) December 9, 2012

Is there anything they wont blame for their incompetence? –>Elizabeth Warren Blames Campaign Debt On Coffee And Pizza…

— Everyone’s USA (@everyonesUSA) December 9, 2012

And a frightening thought.

“@foxnation: Elizabeth Warren Blames Campaign Debt On Coffee And…” I’m sure they’ll make her Budget Chair. Unreal.

— Rick Biglin (@RickNYC) December 9, 2012

It’s funny, because it, sadly, could be true! Math, and budgets, are hard for Democrats.

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