Anne Hathaway’s lady parts spawn ‘Les Nipperables,’ new Twitter account!/sira_mara/status/305838357362118658

Actress and Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway dreamed a dream … and forgot to put her bra on before gracing the Academy Awards red carpet.

tmz wrote about anne hathaway with the headline “Les Nipperables” THEY WIN THE INTERNET FOR THE NIGHT

— Peter Williamson (@ptpwilliamson) February 25, 2013

Anne Hathaway — Les Nipplerables

— TMZ (@TMZ) February 25, 2013

Any publicity is good publicity in Hollyweird.

@tmz I’ve seen far far worse.

— Joel Sax (@EmperorNorton) February 25, 2013

Of course!

And Anne Hathaway’s nipples have a Twitter account.

— Dana Forman (@WTFrockBlog) February 25, 2013

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