At The Paws Of A Jealous Outsider, Two Kitties In Love Experience The Most Grievous Of Acts. Ouch.

What you’re about to witness in these photos below is one of the cruelest acts one animal can do to another. It’s truly one of the most grievous of acts: catblocking. Yes, catblocking. When one kitty stops another kitty from getting some lovin’ by pushing in the way and being a spoilsport. A love Grinch if you will.

“Well hi there sweetie, don’t you look purrfect today!”

“Let Mr. Whiskers give you some sugar.”

When out of nowhere, Red appears to put an end to this shenanigans.

“That’s enough of that touchy feely stuff from you two – break it up!”

Ouch! Ginger cat treated them like a drive-thru car wash. Share the kitty sillyness with your friends below. Don’t be like Red, don’t deny them love.

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