Attention TSA: Greyson Chance thinks you suck

Nicki Minaj called them pervs and accused them of fondling her. Kristen Bell called them carnival barkers. And now Greyson Chance has stepped up to unfriend the TSA.

Chance — the young singer discovered via his YouTube cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” — seemed like such a nice kid. The TSA, though, apparently can push anybody too far.

All I am saying, is I don’t respect people that yell at perfectly nice people. Just saying.

— Greyson Chance (@greysonchance) July 28, 2012

“Enchancers” were quick to provide backup.

@greysonchance Preach, child!

— Esty (@swiftychancer13) July 28, 2012

@greysonchance : OMG Be patient Grey! (:

— livia (@chancebutera) July 28, 2012

@greysonchance I completely agree, Grey. Their job is to serve and protect, but they chose to do it very poorly. It’s just not right..

— Rosie ♡ (@NiftyAriana) July 28, 2012



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