Brit Hume retweets perfect snapshot of Obama’s selective accountability!/YossiGestetner/status/468488177486155776

Today at the daily White House briefing, Jay Carney claimed that President Obama found out about the VA scandal from media reports.

It seems the president’s team uses the “didn’t know” excuse quite a bit. Well, except when it’s positive news:

VA scandal: DIDN’T KNOW
Benghazi security: DIDN’T KNOW
Fast and Furious: DIDN’T KNOW
Lose your doctor: DIDN’T KNOW
Bin Laden hit: MASTERMIND— Razor (@hale_razor) May 19, 2014


So much truth it earned a retweet from Fox News’ Brit Hume:


And it earned a thumbs-up from others:

In summary:

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