calls Christina Aguilera a ‘bitch’

British boy band “The Wanted” apparently hates Christina Aguilera. In the following interview, one of the band members called her a “bitch” who’s “nothing special.”

The Wanted say that Christina Aguilera is a bitch!? Wow that’s real shit right there!

— nats (@natalieantonica) April 27, 2012

The Wanted have called Christina Aguilera a total bitch. That’s ironic coming from a group who’ve agreed to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

— serialmatrix (@serialmatrix) April 27, 2012

Most tweeters were surprised the band wanted to start a war with somebody as popular as Christina Aguilera, but few disagreed with their opinion of her.

Wow I can’t believed The Wanted talk shit about Christina Aguilera. What did she ever do to you to call her a total bitch? SMH!

— ♛ Rob ♛ (@roblouisx) April 27, 2012

I don’t see why everyone’s hating on The Wanted for calling Christina Aguilera a bitch. She IS a bitch

— JOEY ☮ (@joey_hoskins) April 27, 2012

The wanted christina aguilera isn’t fazed by you calling her a bitch. She might be a total bitch. She’s my bitch you were on her show anyway

— Brian-Ryan (@thebrianryan) April 27, 2012

We have to wonder if The Wanted won’t eventually regret making the hateful comments. Calling Aguilera a “nothing special bitch” didn’t sit well with her fans.

To end off, The Wanted, I lost my respect for you when you called a living legend, Christina Aguilera a bitch. I’m disgusted by y’all ok.

— ♡ Natalie ♡ (@natahdecoco) April 27, 2012

I like The Wanted, but calling Christina Aguilera “bitch” is presumptuous .. they are nothing compared to her. -K

— International Noobs (@International1D) April 27, 2012

I knew I didn’t like The Wanted. Twats calling Christina Aguilera a bitch and ‘nothing special’. Don’t deserve to breath the same air.

— Megan Alice Ward (@MeganAliceWard) April 27, 2012

Umm so The Wanted called Christina Aguilera “bitch”&”nothing special” LOL someone needs to cut their wings off & get them back to the earth.

— International Noobs (@International1D) April 27, 2012

The wanted called Christina aguilera a bitch?! So unprofessional !! they should have just kept it to themselves. #Unwanted

— ShinChan (@xTimeOfMyLifexx) April 27, 2012

gutted that Christina Aguilera was bitch to The Wanted, I like worship the ground she walks on, cry cry

— Queen Nat-ifah (@fatalienatalie) April 27, 2012

The interview did at least gain them ONE fan…

I only know one song by The Wanted, but one of them shouted out “SHE’S A BITCH” during an interview about Christina Aguilera. I’m in love.

— lisa simpson (@CarolynTheKiddo) April 27, 2012

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