Community Post: 13 Reasons Ron Weasley Is The Most Underrated Best Friend Ever

Ronald Bilius Weasley is the absolute best friend to ever step foot on this planet.

Ron Weasley was certainly not the most fortunate boy or girl in the Potterverse.

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1. He had great taste and high standards when it came to his friend selection.

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2. He took some hard hits for the squad.

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3. Many times, he faced the ugly consequences that came with standing up for his friends.

13 Reasons Ron Weasley Is The Most Underrated Best Friend Ever

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4. But he never lost his bravery or his appetite.

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5. He was never jealous of the love his family had for his friends.

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6. And he was willing to get into all sorts of trouble to help his friends out of a pickle.

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7. He sacrificed himself time and again so his pals could shine brighter.

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8. He faced his biggest fears like the ride or die he is.

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9. And he was also very supportive of his family’s entrepreneurial endeavors.

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10. And like any human being, sometimes he couldn’t take much more of it.

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11. But even when things were at their worst he never stopped caring.

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12. He waited until the perfect moment to ask out Hermione.

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13. And his support of Ginny and Harry was too beautiful for words.

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Yes, Ron is the best friend to ever live.

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Ron on!

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