Costumed Charles Rangel tweets backstage photo from #WillOnTheHill

The annual “Will on the Hill” fundraiser invites lawmakers and other Washington insiders to participate in an original production that mixes Shakespeare with “comedic references to contemporary politics.” We can’t imagine how anyone could work comedic references into a show about politics, but now that we’ve seen Rep. Charles Rangel in costume we guess anything is possible.

Great night w/ #willonthehill. Where else will members of Congress in outlandish costumes saying ridiculous things?…

— Ryan Burwinkel (@BurwinkelRL) May 7, 2013

There aren’t many reviews yet, but first-time participant Rangel wasn’t the breakout star.

Have to say, Rep. Gerry Connelly may have missed his calling in acting. Funny performance tonight at #willonthehill

— Emily Cahn (@ec2011) May 7, 2013

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