Cruz up five in poll; Dewhurst amnesty speech scrubbed from official site

Texas Lt. Governor and Senate candidate David Dewhurst, now down five points against Ted Cruz in a new poll, has been called out on some additional “dewbious” activities.

Dewhurst’s tricks…

— Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) July 11, 2012

Mark Levin’s tweet links to a report that Dewhurst scrubbed the transcript of a speech that advocated amnesty from the official website for the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Texas. The link to the speech is now dead, while Cruz’s campaign website hosts a handy PDF.

Some are calling it “#404gate.”

#Dewbious Deletion – #txsen #404gate

— Nick Dyer (@MrNickDyer) July 11, 2012

‘I don’t always support #amnesty but when I do, I delete the evidence.” #dewbious #txsen

— ★ StaceinTexas ★™ (@StaceinTexas) July 12, 2012



Texas Senate runoff: Cruz surges in internal poll; Dewhurst camp plays dirty Twitter tricks

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