Dem Rep. Chris Van Hollen thinks it might be ‘time to ditch the Whopper’!/SamValley/status/504326629418487808

Well, shoot. Rep. Chris Van Hollen has a sad, you guys. Because Burger King:!/ChrisVanHollen/status/504275444620091392

And if there’s one thing the Dems frown upon, it’s taking your money!!/SamValley/status/504327077588267010


But don’t worry, Rep. Van Hollen. There are some things that are definitely worth ditching:!/pennypru/status/504323836574457856



‘Rob Lowe 2016’? Actor speaks truth about dangers of ‘high corporate tax rates’

Whoa! Who is John Galt? Chris Loesch may have finally found him [photo]

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