I Just Saw More In 3 Minutes Than I’ve Seen In 3 Years. This Guy’s Video Is Epic.

A man named Rick Mereki is doing something that everyone wishes they could do. He traveled the world. He and two other guys spent 44 days traveling to 11 countries, just to make this awesome movie. They are basically everything we wish we could be.

They rode 18 flights…

Rick Mereki

And traveled 38 thousand miles…

Rick Mereki

Just to make this film.

Rick Mereki

They used 2 cameras.

Rick Mereki

They recorded a terabyte of footage.

Rick Mereki

And they had an amazing time while they did it.

Rick Mereki

It was a simple concept.

Rick Mereki

And it turned out amazing.

Rick Mereki

This is the kind of travel movie we would die to make (and love to see). To see this full film in all of its glory, check out this link below: Just awesome. Source: Vimeo

Read more: http://viralnova.com/traveled-the-world/

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