It Seems As Though Graffiti Has Lost Its Rebellious Edge. Just See For Yourself.

The biggest menaces in society take part in one of the most vandalizing activities known to man: graffiti art. You can find graffiti almost anywhere. Bored teens across the globe partake in this ritual for some unknown reason, and it used to be a sign of artistic rebellion.

These days, though, it seems the rebellion and the art went out the window. Now, bored teens are just writing anything on walls. They’re even showing remorse for their actions. How could they!?

1.) I don’t think that’s how it works.

2.) This isn’t the best way to express that opinion.

3.) Apology not accepted.

4.) Yeah, but how do you like the bathrooms?

5.) This person has a point.

6.) Thanks for keeping it PG. Much appreciated.

7.) Well, at least it’s honest.

8.) Positive graffiti inspires people.

9.) I said apology not accepted!

10.) But ham has protein to help you build muscles after pushups.

11.) If this is an accurate portrayal of your mum, I feel bad for her.

12.) No! I still want to follow them!

13.) Aww that’s so sweet. You’d break the law for her.

14.) You know, you didn’t have to do it.

15.) This is just all over the place. Lacking focus.


17.) Everybody’s a critic.

18.) Well this guy just outed himself.

A life of crime and vandalism does not pay, kids. It’s simply illegal and ridiculous. But if you must express yourself via graffiti, at least make it more interesting than these tags.

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