Kirstie Alley: Eastwood’s speech ‘funny as hell’; actress won’t toe lefty line!/kirstiealley/status/241571901091217409

The feisty actress will be appearing this fall on “Dancing with the Stars: All Stars,” and, well, it turns out she might have a few things in common with co-star Bristol Palin. Alley, a self-described Democrat, took to Twitter today to — gasp! — call out the lapdog media and to encourage people to take responsibility for “muddling through the B.S.” to “find the truth”:

perhaps..& just a suggestion, we stop voting because of "one " personal interest in "one" issue & look at the overall picture..dumb right?

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) August 31, 2012

I would like to thank several of you for acknowledging me being: A. bat shit crazy..B. being a Commy…C. being a fucked up mess..HOLLA 😉

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) August 31, 2012

We can't FEAR other people's views.. we needn't embrace them but we might actually learn doesn't kill us..lack of it can

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) August 31, 2012

It's OUR responsibility to some how muddle through all the BS and find the truth..BIG job, little time=God help us all..;)

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley Me too! I fear you'll get hate tweets for not going with the flow with the lefty loonies! Sooo proud of you!

— Shelley Stokes (@sdjstokes) August 31, 2012

Alley did take some heat for her independent thinking:

@kirstiealley watched Clint & thought it was inappropriate.That's not based on liberal media.It's based on what I saw with my own baby blues

— Your Reality Check (@UrRealityCheque) August 31, 2012

Fact checkers? Like Stephanie Cutter, perhaps?

Ah, yes. Death threats. We’d expect nothing less from the misogynistic Left.

Overwhelmingly, though, the responses were supportive:

@kirstiealley thanks for recognizing this! Especially about US media being terribly biased…they SO R!!!

— Deirdre Maguire (@dbmags03) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley @jwdoke just because someone is a registered Dem/Repub. doesn't mean they always have to vote for that party. Thinking is good

— Cheryl (@fallingleaves) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley god forbid someone speak the truth! This country is about diversity & 2 many forget that! Just as 1may have beliefs & expect

— Hockey Mom (@Hockeymom295) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley thanks for speaking out. We need a change ubfortunately

— Brenda Cook (@bmcook71) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley I'm neither Rep or Dem, the vote should be based on issues not the candidate's color or religion. I agree learn about both.

— jan koza (@jakoza1) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley I am a Republican and I would have to say I agree with most of that list.(not sure what the tax you mentioned is….)

— Becky Payne (@bpayne78) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley I heart your thinking

— ✨Sara de Hymel ✨ (@sclh) August 31, 2012

Perfect! RT @kirstiealley: a few things I want..low Medical ins.-consumption tax-no deficit-MORE jobs-less Welfare-MORE charity-LESS gov

— TV-aholic (@TV_aholic) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley you are so awesome! Speak the truth girlfriend! Love u!

— Mandy (@punknun) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley <3 that. You're a thinker!

— Tari (@uncommentari) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley glad u can c past ur pol party & see the overall pic of what's happening to our country. That's courage & admire u 4 that

— Kate (@MKateLittleton) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley Thank you for having the courage to be honest about media bias. It's awesome to see!

— Holy Moly Christian (@RangerStalked) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley @jwdoke I'm not a Republican or a Democrat… I'm an American and I approve this message…

— Rick Stanley (@RickAtNyte) August 31, 2012

So, what’s Alley looking for in a political party?

Here R a few things I want..low Medical insurance, consumption tax, no deficit, MORE jobs, less Welfare, MORE charity, LESS government.

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) August 31, 2012

Hmmm … more jobs, less welfare, and less government?

@kirstiealley That sounds like a Republican not a Democrat! 😉

— Lindsey Marie Ladner (@That90sKidTV) August 31, 2012

That reads like the GOP economic manifesto Ms. @kirstiealley. We aren't so bad, no matter what your Hollywood friends say.

— T.S. Erik (@T_S_Erik) August 31, 2012

To quote @Gov_Martinez "I'll be damned, we're Republicans" RT @TabithaHale: Dear @kirstiealley: I don't think you're a Democrat anymore. 😉

— Call me Crazy, Lois. (@Mermaz) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley you sound like a fellow libertarian. Awesome!

— Gideon / גידעון (@xgideonx) August 31, 2012

@kirstiealley You sound like a republican. Better not tweet that too loudly. Remember you live in Hollywood. :)

— Kim (@OCKim84) August 31, 2012

Dear @kirstiealley: I don't think you're a Democrat anymore. 😉

— Tabitha Hale (@TabithaHale) August 31, 2012

Jon Lovitz has been learning to embrace his inner conservative. Can Alley be far behind?

@jwdoke: @kirstiealley Are you *SURE* you're a Democrat??!?” lol…I'm a bit of a hybrid…probably,in truth, I'm more of an Independent

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) August 31, 2012

I would have voted for Ron Paul.. fire at will…;)

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) August 31, 2012

Well, nobody’s perfect. Hehe.

Come to our side, Kirstie! We’re a pretty fun bunch!

(h/t @MattWolking)

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