Let’s Review Some High Points Of Legendary Nutcase Rasheed Wallace’s Career

1. Rasheed Wallace, one of the NBA’s goofiest and most beloved/reviled players, retired today, just as his Knicks are about to face the Celtics in the playoffs.

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In his honor, let’s take a tour through Sheed’s super weird career.

3. EARLY CAREER: Pretty much all summed up by the time that he got ejected for staring at a ref.

There’s also that time he and Damon Stoudamire were pulled over for speeding in Stoudamire’s yellow Hummer while smoking weed, but we’ll focus on the staredown.

5. MIDDLE CAREER: Sheed won a championship with the Pistons. He also did this:

6. 2009-10: Wallace signed a three-year contract with the Celtics. He played one year. He danced.

2010-11: Sheed did absolutely nothing.

2011-12: Sheed did absolutely nothing.

9. 2012-13: Sheed played for the New York Knicks. He scored 146 points, grabbed 83 rebounds, fouled 140 times, and, against the Suns, was ejected in 85 seconds for getting one tech and then screaming BALL DON’T LIE.

10. Ride off into the sunset, gallant knight.

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