Lil Wayne is Billboard’s male artist of the year; Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars fans outraged

did lil wayne really beat justin bieber and bruno mars

— Anel Acosta (@Anellss) May 21, 2012!/kayleesatt/status/204387595357126657

Ewwww lil wayne? Really??? Bieber or Bruno Mars for me!

— Sheena (@Sheena6076) May 21, 2012

Lil Wayne won?! Whaaaat? Bruno Mars got robbed lmao, I bet everyone thought Bieber was gonna win

— Jerome (@MrHoustonTx) May 21, 2012

I can’t get it that Lil Wayne won the award for best male artist instead of Justin or Bruno. like WTF?

— ❃ (@kidrauhlsmcm) May 21, 2012

Lil Wayne is just auto-tune. He beat Justin, Bruno Mars, Drake AND Chris Brown. Wow.

— nicole. ♡ (@drewshearts) May 21, 2012

lil Wayne beat Justin Bieber, Drake, and Bruno Mars?

— ashley (@irwinspired) May 21, 2012!/iSnitched4Oreos/status/204387376632569857

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