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Everyone knows how quickly Jim Schwartz can lose his cool.

While his reputation may soon be reaching John Tortorella status, the head coach of the Detroit Lions has made a habit of speaking his mind with no filter on his words.

So how do you think he felt when he found out two of his young, up-and-coming players had run-ins with the law not too long ago?

#Lions Jim Schwartz on Nick Fairley & team conduct issues: 'I’m a lot of things – concerned, angry … also it's disappointing …'

— Paula Pasche (@paulapasche) May 29, 2012

Nick Fairley and Titus Young haven’t gotten off to the best of starts in their second years in Detroit, and Lions fans are hoping that this isn’t a recurrent theme.

But some people believe that these actions are in reflection to Schwartz’s personality and coaching style.

@ProFootballTalk Is Jim Schwartz ever NOT angry and disappointed? I wonder where his players get it from…

— Chris Hollenback (@chollenback) May 29, 2012

He should chase them down and scream at them. RT @ProFootballTalk: Jim Schwartz is angry with Lions' off-field problems

— The Packer Ranter (@PackerRanter) May 29, 2012

@ProFootballTalk Jim Schwartz doesn't know what real anger is.

— The Fake Lekaya (@NotRyanLekaya) May 29, 2012

#Lions coach Jim Schwartz also said it concerns him that players are making multiple mistakes in short time frames #NFL

— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) May 29, 2012

#Lions coach Jim Schwartz said he spoke with Nick Fairley this morning and addressed it with the team #NFL

— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) May 29, 2012

Well, at least we hope for his sake, that Fairley got the message.

#Lions Schwartz on Fairley "He's been working hard. None of that is going to matter if he's not available on the field for us. " #NFL

— Anwar Richardson (@AnwarRichardson) May 29, 2012

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