Mario Lopez reads National Enquirer for comedic value

They still sell that magazine!? Wow. Guess we really do learn something new every day.

@MarioLopezExtra thats why my aunt and i call them bullshit papers! Lol! Very entertaining though! :-)

— ITALIAN CHICK (@katluvsgarrett) June 11, 2012

@MarioLopezExtra their articles make me laugh…I’m sure over half of them are BS!

— Melanie (@MellyBelly626) June 11, 2012

@MarioLopezExtra why do people still take that magz seriously lol.

— CareyLikeMariah™ (@Thee_Socialite) June 11, 2012

@MarioLopezExtra your famous lol

— Maria Seibert (@LuluHead) June 11, 2012

@MarioLopezExtra Haa! I love how you’re smiling while holding that up. Keep showing those dimples! 😉

— Tricia Medina ⚜ (@Trishisms101) June 11, 2012

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