Mark Knoller: Correspondents’ Dinner has become DC Golden Globes

The White House’s high-dollar “Sequester Soul Show” (as Matt Drudge put it) was the textbook example of “bad optics” — the first family and an invitation-only crowd schmoozed with Justin Timberlake at a private concert while closing the White House doors to school tours. If the Obamas thought for even a second that such an event wasn’t appropriate amid sequestration cuts, they certainly didn’t show it. With the Washington press corps gearing up for its own star-studded White House Correspondents’ Dinner this weekend, is it possible the media elite are having second thoughts?

No, not really. CBS News’ Mark Knoller might be an exception, though. “Nerd prom” might be fun, but has it gotten out of hand?

Agree. MT @markknoller: Long overdue for WH reporters to reassess whether annual lavish black-tie event is appropriate in this day & age.

— Brad Rourke (@bradrourke) April 26, 2013

+1000 RT @markknoller: It’s long overdue for WH reporters to reassess whether the annual lavish black-tie event is appropriate… #whcd

— g_r_e_g (@g_r_e_g) April 26, 2013

@markknoller On a theoretical level, I *totally* agree.But as an observer, it is all kinds of fun to watch. #WHCD #opulence

— Elaine Replogle (@professorgal) April 26, 2013

@professorgal Yeah its fun to watch. Even fun to attend. Doesn’t justify what its become. DC Golden Globes.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 26, 2013

But, celebrities!

We’ve been told celebrities just got off the bus. #whcd sequester edition…

— Katherine Boyle (@KTmBoyle) April 26, 2013

In #DC this weekend? You may spot Spielberg, @barbrastreisand or @kevinspacey. See @tierney_megan‘s #WHCD celeb list:

— Stephanie Steinberg (@Steph_Steinberg) April 26, 2013

#WHCD Newsweek/Daily Beast Table: Harvey Weinstein will be here. Tina Brown. The Newsroom’s Olivia Munn and Joel Kinnaman & Nicole Kidman

— Jeff Gauvin (@JeffersonObama) April 26, 2013

#WHCD Huffington Post Table:Scarlett Johansson

— Jeff Gauvin (@JeffersonObama) April 26, 2013

#WHCD Ashley Judd is sitting at the USA Today table.

— Jeff Gauvin (@JeffersonObama) April 26, 2013

PSY will be at the #WHCA dinner, guest of @cbsnews & also at @vanityfair; CBS News wins!!! #PSYmania

— Carol Ross Joynt (@caroljoynt) April 26, 2013

#WHCD Huffington Post: Jon Bon Jovi will be sitting at this table, joining fellow Jerseyite Gov. Chris Christie

— Jeff Gauvin (@JeffersonObama) April 26, 2013

It’s all for a good cause, after all. Those J-school indoctrination programs don’t come cheap.

The Correspondents Dinner does raise money for scholarships for deserving journalism students.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 26, 2013

But the scholarship money could be raised without a dinner and associated questions of professional conduct it raises.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 26, 2013

This kind of thinking, Mr. Knoller, has no place in Washington, D.C.

@markknoller Preach it Mark!

— Donna Quintard (@dquintard2) April 26, 2013

@markknoller … but POTUS tells jokes

— Jess (@JessCapB) April 26, 2013

@markknoller When did it morph into this thing where celebrities outrank the correspondents?

— Vonda Paige (@VondaPaige) April 26, 2013

@vondapaige When some reporters found they could get press coverage by inviting a celebrity instead of an obscure official.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 26, 2013


@markknoller are you sure you are a DC reporter?

— Frank Keller (@Ferdiad) April 26, 2013

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