Media show bias on Obama deportation waivers, Hayes lauds activists

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes doesn’t feel comfortable calling our fallen soldiers heroes, but he has no problem showing his bias by giving kudos to illegal immigration activists. A huge, huge victory that should be praised? For “real journalists,” factual reporting without trying to push a Leftist narrative is hard.

As Twitchy reported, President Obama announced his power grab in the form of deportation waivers this morning.

Obama’s finding ways of rallying his base that seem designed to alienate the center. It’s like he wants to lose in a blaze of liberal glory.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) June 15, 2012

His base is the media, evidently. Well, the Left and the media are concentric circles on a Venn diagram.

U.S. relaxes deportation rules for young people: Napolitano

— Reuters U.S. News (@ReutersUS) June 15, 2012

It’s just relaxing, people. Chillax!

U.S. to stop deporting some young illegal immigrants; Obama to speak on policy at 1:15 p.m. ET

— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 15, 2012

The CBS article talks about “threats” and “living in fear.” Cue scary music! It’s terrifying to abide by the law!

Obama bypasses congress, enacts part of DREAM act. bold move-boxes in GOP who can’t afford to slip further w Latinos

— Ed Schultz (@edshow) June 15, 2012

Gutsy call! For vote-grabbing, that is. At least Ed Schultz admitted, albeit inadvertently, that it is all about the votes.

Slate writer and MSNBC contributor Dave Weigel also weighs in.

RT @joseiswriting: WAKE up, DREAMers. A new day has arrived. You made this happen. Thank you and congratulations! #WeAreAmericans

— daveweigel (@daveweigel) June 15, 2012

@KatrinaTrinko You know who else made executive decisions on a whim?

— daveweigel (@daveweigel) June 15, 2012

The Washington Post continues with their tradition of “unbiased reporting.”

Example of Media campaigning 4 POTUS: “plan could spare hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from deportation”

— Which Way America? (@letusprayforusa) June 15, 2012

RT @matthadro: And at 10:39 am, CNN has their 1st guest saying it’s the “happiest day” of her life w/ Obama’s immigration announcement.

— Dan Isett (@DanIsett) June 15, 2012

I’m about to interview Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on new immigration rules. Watch @CNNSitRoom 4PM ET

— Wolf Blitzer (@wolfblitzer) June 15, 2012

Oh, just new rules and stuff. No biggie.

Off the hook or totally off the chain? You can almost hear the “W00t” at the end of that.

Obama works around Congress, will effectively implement DREAM Act on his own It’s a huge, bold step

— Steve Benen (@stevebenen) June 15, 2012

Just some new rules; but also huge and bold? NPR decides to not even give a pretense of unbiased reporting and goes all in.

Immigration Law Slows A Family’s March Forward : NPR

— Matthew Kolken (@mkolken) June 15, 2012

Obama Administration: Deportations Of Law-Abiding, Younger Illegal Immigrants To Stop #immigration

— Nicole Gilbert (@ndgilbert) June 15, 2012

Taxpayer dollars at work.

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