Mock alert: More ‘Fauxcahontas’ lies spark other hilarious Elizabeth Warren firsts!/JonahNRO/status/208196800329416704

Elizabeth “Running Joke” Warren, also fondly known as Fauxcahontas, continues her record of absurdly false claims with her latest claim: She was the first nursing mother to take the New Jersey bar exam. Sigh. Now you are just becoming predictable, Elizabeth. Every single word you utter is false.

So tweeps, what fresh idiocy has Liz "Nursing Bull" Warren unleashed upon us today?

— Bob Owens (@bob_owens) May 31, 2012

Her new name should be “Dances with Whoppers.” Twitter immediately proceeds with the well-deserved mocking. Enter #ElizabethWarrenWasFirst.

Eliz Warren: ‘I was 1st Nursing Mother to Take Bar Exam in NJ’ She won't be the 1st to try lying her way into Senate

— David Skehan (@aretheynuts) May 31, 2012

#elizabethwarrenwasfirst woman hit on 17 when the dealer was showing a 6.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) May 31, 2012

#elizabethwarrenwasfirst Woman to guess how many licks it took to get to the center of a Blow Pop

— Shawn Mullins (@Shawn_Mullins) May 31, 2012

#ElizabethWarrenwasfirst to run a three minute mile… while giving birth.

— MenRec (@rustyweiss74) May 31, 2012

#ElizabethWarrenwasfirst to cheer for the Boston Braves, but later regret it

— Dan Isett (@DanIsett) May 31, 2012

#ElizabethWarrenwasfirst Darren on "Bewitched"

— Mattphilbin (@Mattphilbin) May 31, 2012

#ElizabethWarrenwasfirst to slice bread.

— MenRec (@rustyweiss74) May 31, 2012

#ElizabethWarrenwasfirst Survivor on the Titanic…or was it the S. S. Minnow?

— Jean R. Ewing (@GenNerd) May 31, 2012

#elizabethwarrenwasfirst to racially profile themself.

— Reverend Rubicon (@ReverendRubicon) May 31, 2012

#ElizabethWarrenwasfirst gay DC superhero president.

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) May 31, 2012

#ElizabethWarrenwasfirst woman to take off the papoose and put the baby in a stroller.

— ShoreDor (@ShoreDor) May 31, 2012

#elizabethwarrenwasfirst woman to slam dunk a basketball while breast feeding.

— PrestoPundit (@PrestoPundit) May 31, 2012

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