No Words Can Capture What This Grandma Did To Her Grandbaby. It’s Beyond Comprehension.

Statistically, we are more likely to be killed by someone we know than a complete stranger. But that doesn’t make the truth of this story any more horrifying.

Amy and Joel had a beautiful daughter, and the baby was being watched by her maternal grandmother one morning when something went terribly wrong. No one knows why, but the grandma committed a disgusting act of murder. She killed her own grandchild.

Six month-old Vivian Summers was being babysat by her grandmother when she was brutally murdered

Alfreda Giedrojc allegedly placed the baby on the floor, beat her repeatedly with a sledgehammer and then slit the innocent child’s throat.

Alfreda, originally from Poland, was left with the baby while her husband and son-in-law worked on household repairs.

When her husband Bill returned home, he discovered the gruesome scene and called the police. Vivian was dead-on-arrival at the hospital.

We cannot imagine what the family is going through right now. They have to simultaneously cope with the death of their infant daughter and the knowledge that Amy’s mother brutally stole Vivian’s life away.

Alfreda has been charged with first-degree murder and held without bond in the Cook County jail.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around this.


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