Pics: Stacey Dash meets with RNC officials, wants GOP to embrace grassroots

On Friday, actress Stacey Dash met with Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus and other GOP officials who were in Los Angeles for the RNC’s spring meeting.

Dash was joined by her “partners,” former Mitt Romney adviser Ashley Bell and Newt Gingrich’s former chief of staff, Patrick Millsaps. “Partners”? Hmmm.

One Twitter follower had a request for Dash.

@realstaceydash @reince @patrickmillsaps @ashleybellr @gop hey tell him the GOP needs to embrace the grass roots!

— Cliff Ellrich (@DBroncos1007) April 12, 2013

Want the GOP to embrace grassroots activists? Dash is on it!

@dbroncos1007 @reince @patrickmillsaps @ashleybellr @gop yes! I will.

— Stacey Dash (@REALStaceyDash) April 12, 2013

Still no Hollyweird line-toeing for Dash. Months of vicious hate isn’t going to deter the 2012 Romney supporter from speaking her mind.

More pics:

@realstaceydash @patrickmillsaps & @ashleybellr #GOP #RNC #Dash…

— Gina Benavidez (@GinaBenaMTA) April 12, 2013

@sharonday great seeing you today at the Reagan Library! @realstaceydash @patrickmillsaps #rnc #tcot #bcot…

— Ashley D. Bell (@AshleyBellR) April 13, 2013

@realstaceydash @reince @patrickmillsaps together the future is bright for our Party & Nation. Stay tuned everyone!…

— Ashley D. Bell (@AshleyBellR) April 13, 2013

Stay tuned …

* * *


Twitchy reached out to Patrick Millsaps via DM for more information about the partnership he and Ashley Bell have with Dash. Says Millsaps, “Dash has lived the American Dream. The three of us have joined forces to make sure a generation of Americans knows that they can too … but it will never happen with the government trying to involve itself every aspect of our lives. We hope to coordinate our efforts with what the GOP is trying to do.”

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Editor’s note: The update has been amended to clarify that Twitchy DMed Millsaps for further details about the project on which he and Bell are working with Dash.

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