President’s free pass with media ends at basketball court

Attention Media Matters: consider bookmarking this page for handy reference the next time some right-wing nut job starts complaining that President Obama gets a free pass from the lapdogs in the media. A few brave reporters took a shot at the president’s lackluster performance on the basketball court at today’s White House Easter egg roll. That basket? He didn’t make that.

Barack Obama: Still bad at basketball.

— Deadspin (@Deadspin) April 1, 2013

David Stern apparently was right President #Obama hits an estimated 2 of 22 shots today. #hoops

— Reuters TV (@ReutersTV) April 1, 2013

Ouch. This Obama basketball video is pretty bad.

— Byron York (@ByronYork) April 1, 2013

Someone at CBS News was kind enough to edit together video of President Obama’s foul shots, for those of you who missed live tweets from CNN’s Alexander Mooney.

POTUS misses first shot at bball court.has to do jumping jacks

— Alexander Mooney/CNN (@AWMooneyCNN) April 1, 2013

POTUS 0-4 on the court today

— Alexander Mooney/CNN (@AWMooneyCNN) April 1, 2013

POTUS back at the court…AIRBALL

— Alexander Mooney/CNN (@AWMooneyCNN) April 1, 2013

POTUS finally sinks one on attempt 15

— Alexander Mooney/CNN (@AWMooneyCNN) April 1, 2013

Important update from the WH pool: POTUS was 2-22 on the bball court.

— Alexander Mooney/CNN (@AWMooneyCNN) April 1, 2013

Who’s surprised that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney attempted to spin the president’s airballs?

Carney: Obama “doesn’t get to practice as much as he’d like to…he’s a pretty good shot.” #BasketballGate

— E McMorris-Santoro (@EvanMcSan) April 1, 2013

BuzzFeed’s White House reporter learned an important lesson about covering the 44th president.

Wow ppl get really upset when you tell them the person they voted for missed some buckets on the bball court.

— E McMorris-Santoro (@EvanMcSan) April 1, 2013

Herman Cain and other citizens were less than impressed as well.

Check out this video of Obama’s basketball meltdown. For all the time he spends practicing, we expected more…

— Herman Cain (@THEHermanCain) April 1, 2013

Just saw the video of Fancy Pants going 2 for 22 shooting hoops on Easter. Bad at playing basketball. Worse at playing president.

— Ernie Lipshitz (@ernielipshitz) April 1, 2013

Barack Obama bricks 20 of 22 shots at the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll… I thought he was good at basketball? #VoteForMelo

— M3L0 (@MikeTernullo) April 1, 2013

So the President went 2 for 22 shooting hoops today. Welcome to my world Sir.

— HumanityCritic (@HumanityCritic) April 1, 2013

Honestly, I didn’t want to watch the vid, let alone tweet about this. But it’s great. He missed the rim on a layup.

— James Paul (@jdpaul01) April 1, 2013

For his sake I hope his Secret Service agents are better shots.

— Alan Stewart (@_alanstewart) April 1, 2013

Obama’s golf game is really taking a toll on his basketball game. Made only 2 of 22 free throws at Easter Roll?!

— Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) April 1, 2013

I think his mom jeans were too tight. 2 of 22free throws @emilymiller

— Nota Lemming #TGDN (@notalemming) April 1, 2013

@emilymiller Obama’s only bad at basketball because the practice court is next to where the Jobs Council met

— Rep. Steve Stockman (@SteveWorks4You) April 1, 2013

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