#RIPpac: Justin Bieber’s dead hamster is top trending topic on Twitter

So, which makes you more sad? Is it the news that Justin Bieber’s pet hamster has died, or the fact that a dead rodent is the number one trending topic on Twitter in the United States?


To be honest, we don’t even know if PAC is actually dead. If so, old age seems to have been the culprit.

“PAC died due to his old age. Apparently, he was old.” omg :'(#RIPpac twitter.com/DatCanadianBoy…

— Right Here (@DatCanadianBoy) March 12, 2013

I can’t believe Pac died yesterday. He was one of the best hamsters that ever stepped foot onto this Earth. #RipPac twitter.com/iKidrauhlStar/…

— Chane. (@iKidrauhlStar) March 12, 2013

Perhaps it’s just the shock, but the fact that a hamster’s passing has drawn so much attention seems to have inspired some self-awareness.

Am I the only one who thinks we sound selfish for #RIPpac trend?People are dying as we speak because of serious reasons and a hamster REALLY

— Alexis✝ (@biebahsinfinity) March 12, 2013

Top trend is #RIPpac – just discovered this is about Bieber’s hamster that has just died. Please, just no.

— Helena Brown (@hgmbrownie) March 12, 2013

depressing to think that #RIPpac is trending because a hamster died when there are so many teenagers who commit suicide and go unnoticed..

— ermm… (@_idek_0k) March 12, 2013

#RIPpac ya’ll who made this trending need help. As soon as possible.

— Isa (@IsaFenty97) March 12, 2013

#RIPpac that apparently Justin biebers dead hamster people are actually tweeting about this what has the world come to #seriously

— JOE (@joeyharris04) March 12, 2013

#RIPpac meanwhile as the human race wastes its gift of language by tweeting thousands of heartfelt eulogies for a celebrity’s hamster…

— Frodo Baggins (@vlmitrano) March 12, 2013

#RIPpac sorry, I love Justin and everything but you’re trending a hamsters death over soldiers that are dying for your own country smh

— Directioner+Belieber (@1Dzaynster) March 12, 2013

#RIPpac I can’t actually believe there is a trend for Bieber’s hamster, you all need to get out a bit more!

— Tastier than Nutella (@Elz_Bellz_) March 12, 2013

#rippac‘ is a trend about justin biebers dead gerbil. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE

— ellie (@ellloellie) March 12, 2013

#RIPpac is this trend /really/ about a hamster? Oh my god.

— Anna Williams (@Ms_AnnaWilliams) March 12, 2013

The fact that the top trend is about Justin Biebers dead hamster makes me want to snort a line of gun powder and light up my nose. #RIPpac

— Alex John (@AlexJohn) March 12, 2013

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