Stop taking away their fries: Detergent to be redesigned because kids are eating it

Thanks, Michelle Obama! You and your husband took away all their yummy treats, so now kids have to look to shiny, pretty packets for food. We have a mutiny on our hands and it’s making our children ill.

The big, hard-hitting news of the day from The Washington Post:

Proctor & Gamble says it will change the design of packaging for its miniature laundry detergent product to deter children from eating the brightly colored packets that look like candy.

Procter & Gamble spokesman Paul Fox says the Cincinnati-based company plans to create a new double latch lid on tubs of Tide Pods “in the next couple of weeks.”

Doctors say children sometimes swallow the pods thinking they are edible. Nearly 250 cases have been reported to poison control centers this year — a fraction of the thousands of poisoning calls received every year. No deaths have been reported.

Some Twitter users are finding humor in the situation.

"P&G will redesign detergent packaging after hundreds of children sickened by eating colorful packets – @AP” Yum.

— Matthew Kammerer (@mkammerer) May 25, 2012

Breaking News: Proctor & Gamble have many customers who have stupid children.

— Cooop (@THECooop) May 25, 2012

Kids are so stupid. RT @AP: P&G will redesign detergent after hundreds of children sickened by eating colorful packets

— Slava (@SlavaP) May 25, 2012

Natural selection RT "@BreakingNews Proctor & Gamble will redesign detergent packaging after children sickened by eating colorful packets"

— AC (@ACinthe715) May 25, 2012

Oh man, I've had like 3 of these

— Eric Thompson (@Cyanbane) May 25, 2012

Remember, it cannot possibly be anyone’s fault. It must be the evil corporations. Nanny State to the rescue!

Also, packaging is to blame for children eating poison. Not parents leaving it in their reach. Packaging.

— Brandon J. Carr (@brandonjcarr) May 25, 2012

But, on a serious note, many are questioning how this could even happen.

I don't understand why the kids are anywhere near the detergent. Some folks shouldn't have kids. I mean really. why wld u leave it in sight?

— Nic Lott (@niclott) May 25, 2012

I weep for the future:

— Hamaconda (@bob_ham) May 25, 2012

How are kids eating detergent? So are the parents putting the detergent next to candy or are the kids thinking there's candy in the laundry?

— Bella (@BellaPrincipesa) May 25, 2012

#LRT …really?! Who's not watching their children so long that they're eating laundry detergent?

— Tubarus (@Tubarus) May 25, 2012

And leave it to Twitter for common sense problem solving.

In other words, keep your damn kids away from the detergent.

— Abby Normal (@abbynormal0ne) May 25, 2012

Parents, don’t let your kids eat detergent.

— Michael Kitzman (@mjkitzman) May 25, 2012

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