The new Ebola Czar has no medical or health care experience. Feel safer?

You can’t make this up. Meet Ron Klain, the new ‘Ebola czar’:

#Obama to name longtime political aide as ‘#Ebola czar,’ bypassing senior health official:

— Fox News (@FoxNews) October 17, 2014

And conservatives are pissed, to say the least:

Ron Klain is impressed by Vox, Buzzfeed, Jay Carney, and Wendy Davis. Let that sink in for a moment.

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) October 17, 2014

How encouraging! Obama’s ‘Ebola czar’ is Ron Klain, the guy who ran Al Gore’s FLA recount op, then moved up to Joe Biden’s chief of staff

— Andrew Malcolm (@AHMalcolm) October 17, 2014

RT @DanRiehl: Mr. Klain had been mentioned as a possible replacement for Rahm Emanuel as Mr. Obama’s chief of staff.

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) October 17, 2014

A political solution for a health care problem: Obama Ebola Czar Klain Long-Time Lobbyist, Dem Operative @seanmdav

— Pradheep Shanker MD (@Neoavatara) October 17, 2014

Well, this is the opposite of reassuring.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 17, 2014

Obama views Ebola as a political problem for Obama, not a public health problem for America. Fascinating.

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) October 17, 2014

Oh, but Vox likes him!

From @ezraklein: Ron Klain is a great choice for Ebola czar via @voxdotcom

— Dan Pfeiffer (@pfeiffer44) October 17, 2014

It’s a management job, so they picked a manager.

— Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) October 17, 2014


Full Twitchy coverage of Ebola here.

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