#TheWalkingDead season finale – live

The season finale of The Walking Dead starts in just about half an hour! After the incredible climax of Rick killing Shane last week AMC promises even more shocks in tonight’s show. We can’t wait to see what’s in store and what twitter has to say about it. Check back here at 9pm for live twitter reaction!

#thewalkingdead finale. This is gonna be epic

— Chris DelleMonache (@Chris_Delle) March 19, 2012

Don’t bother me for the next hour because the season finale of #TheWalkingDead is on! #TWD

— tweetsofpete (@tweetsofpete) March 19, 2012

Woa. That’s a lot of zombies.

#TheWalkingDead time! Finally some zombies and lots of them!

— Leandra Rodriguez (@lbgirl69) March 19, 2012

lots o zombs #TheWalkingDead

— Justin Briasco (@JustinBriasco) March 19, 2012

Its a million man March w/ Zombies #TheWalkingDead

— DJ Johnson (@Dycezman_iRap) March 19, 2012

Zombie herd! How in the heck are they going to get out of this?


— ✯Shelly✯ (@stardustlies) March 19, 2012

Omg they r coming #TheWalkingDead #zombiehorde

— Jim Leonetti (@jimleonetti) March 19, 2012

Now *that* is how you do tension. FINALLY #TheWalkingDead gets it right.

— Rebecca Eisenberg (@ryeisenberg) March 19, 2012

Killing it with fire.


— Areon Mobasher (@areonmobasher) March 19, 2012

Disco INFERNO! #TheWalkingDead

— Mynda Bullock (@PxlWvr) March 19, 2012

And one of Hershel’s kids becomes zombie feed…

Herschel son just got merked! #TheWalkingDead

— Jesse Bruce Pinkman (@ThaM0oNMan) March 19, 2012

And there goes Jimmy. We hardly knew ya! #TheWalkingDead

— PR Juggalo (@DaMENACElo37) March 19, 2012

Twitter is loving every minute thus far.



— Kevin Cole (@mrkevincole) March 19, 2012


— Olivia Null (@oliviamarie_23) March 19, 2012

Another of the Hershel clan bites the dust. Twitter didn’t know her well enough to care though.

#TheWalkingDead useless character number two has died.

— AsSmoothAsSandpaper (@SmoothSandpaper) March 19, 2012

All the characters no one cared about are dying lolz #TheWalkingDead

— tom (@Campo911) March 19, 2012

Andrea got left behind!

Andrea. Oh crap. #thewalkingdead

— Brandon Chesnutt (@bchesnutt) March 19, 2012

Head on a swivel, Andrea. Keep moving!! #TheWalkingDead

— Michael A. Young (@RealMYoung23) March 19, 2012

Glenn loves Maggie.

This Glaggie moment is gunna make me ugly cry. #TheWalkingDead

— Abe Lara (@AbeAxis) March 19, 2012


Everybody finds their way back together… except Andrea.

Reunited and it feels so good! #thewalkingdead

— Valan Buccella (@valaninthesky) March 19, 2012

That’s convenient. #thewalkingdead

— Erica H. (@bigratsgoboom) March 19, 2012

where is Andrea? omg #TheWalkingDead

— Melissa~ (@MeliMelissax3) March 19, 2012

Twitter loves Daryl and his bow.

Aaaanndddd Daryl strikes again! #TheWalkingDead

— Austin Nettleton (@austinsqueezy) March 19, 2012

It’s so hot when Daryl uses his bow & arrow. lol #thewalkingdead

— Sarah R. (@harasnicole) March 19, 2012


Twitter loves Andrea too.

Andrea is my hero. #TheWalkingDead

— Elizabeth Pittman (@ewpittman) March 19, 2012


i gotta say. even though i hate Andrea, i gotta give her props for being so brave. if that were me, i’d been dead long ago. #thewalkingdead

— walrus ashley (@shleetackett) March 19, 2012

Rick finally reveals what Jenner told him at the end of season 1. Everybody is infected.


oh, snap. #thewalkingdead

— shana lee hampton (@cookoorikoo) March 19, 2012

I knew it. All along. #TheWalkingDead

— Kylee Boice (@kboicee) March 19, 2012

“We’re all infected.” I thought we’d be more likely to hear that line on #JerseyShore than #TheWalkingDead. #loriiscarryingazombiefetus

— RTarant (@RTarant) March 19, 2012

Everybody still hates Lori.

Lori is literally the cause of every problem #TheWalkingDead

— Brendan Haley (@Capt_Cold) March 19, 2012


Really Lori!?! #TheWalkingDead

— Maureene Adelle C (@MaureeneAdelle) March 19, 2012

She’s mad @ Rick???? Hello stupid Shane was going to Kill your husband!! #TheWalkingDead

— Dana Snodgrass (@danasnodgrass) March 19, 2012

WOA! Who just saved Andrea with a sword??

Who the hell is that weird person O_o #TheWalkingDead

— … (@Drunk_Cockiness) March 19, 2012

What the hell was that? #TheWalkingDead

— Casey G. (@IamDM24601) March 19, 2012

Who the hell was that Samurai?! #TheWalkingDead

— Tyler Johnson (@TylerJJohnson) March 19, 2012

Um… Since when did #thewalkingdead and #assassinscreed combine!? Damn Ninjas/assassins in the woods during a zombie apocolypse

— Jake Trout (@L4keTrout) March 19, 2012

Wow. That was INTENSE. Twitter LOVED it.



#TheWalkingDead season finale was awesome; can’t wait for Season 3

— Andrés (@elfino420) March 19, 2012

Definitely the most epic episode yet! #TheWalkingDead

— Mason McClaugherty (@masonm30) March 19, 2012

The question all of twitter is asking…

When does season 3 start? #TheWalkingDead

— Paul Wilson (@paulywoodSK) March 19, 2012

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