This Ground Hog Tried To Look For His Shadow, But Instead? This. Oops.

There are times when animals can’t help themselves, no matter how badly they need it. That’s when their friendly neighbors, the humans, need to step in and lend an opposable thumb or two.

A little groundhog was practicing his duties for next year (popping out of the ground, looking for his shadow, being fancy), when things went wrong. Instead of getting out of a storm drain, this groundhog got stuck in one.


Uh-oh. Punxsutawney Phil is a little Stuck-sutawney.

Thanks to a helpful police department, he wasn’t in this sticky situation for long.

(Twitter via HuffPo)

If you see a little critter in need, make sure to call your local department of animal control. Lending a helping hand yourself could result in a few bandages (and one freaked out groundhog). Share this awesome rescue with others by clicking on the button below!

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