‘This is huge!’: Kay Hagan’s husband’s company under investigation; Update: New tweets [video]

Twitchy reported earlier about North Carolina media pulling a story that could be damaging to Senator Kay Hagan. ‘Recalled for political reasons?’ NC media outlets pulling Kay Hagan story sparks questions.

The story had to do with an investigation into a possible conflict of interest through which Hagan’s husband’s company received grants through the federal stimulus program.

Joe Bruno from Fox 46 in the Carolinas is reporting that the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources is indeed investigating Chip Hagan’s company JDC Manufacturing for conflict of interest.

Did Kay Hagan help funnel stimulus money to her husband’s company?

Update: 6:49 PM November 3


According to Joe Bruno’s report, Senator Hagan has responded with accusations against her opponent Thom Tillis, saying Tillis is illegally using political ties to smear Hagan in an “11th hour act of desperation.”



‘Recalled for political reasons?’ NC media outlets pulling Kay Hagan story sparks questions

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/11/03/this-is-huge-kay-hagans-husbands-company-under-investigation/

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