This Kayak Can Fit In Your Front Seat Because Technology Is Basically Witchcraft.

Living an adventurous life can often mean getting bogged down by  large, clunky vehicles. Not only is storage an issue, but then you have to figure out a way to bring the bulky things with you while traveling. Basically, a nightmare. Thankfully, there’s some smart designers out there took a cue from origami and made items with headache-free folding abilities. Heading to some white water rapids? No need to rent a kayak when you can bring your own along as carry-on luggage. And that’s just the tip of the foldable-goodies we found. Check out how you can get mobile and still save space.

1. The Oru Kayak, folds up in five minutes!

2. The Flat-pack Boat, made from one sheet of plastic.

3. The Tri-fold surfboard, for all those surfers who miss the waves while away from home but don’t want to drag along their huge board.

4. The Icon A5, like a real paper airplane this plane folds up to fit nicely in your garage.

5. CityCar, an already compact car that retracts its wheels to ease parking.

6. The Moveo electronic scooter, folds up into its own suitcase.

7. The Mobi Chair, a sleek wheelchair with an automatic folding mechanism.

8. The Brompton’s foldable bike, an easy way to drag your bike around with you on trains and busses…or anywhere!

9. Snap Skateboard, this can make it a little easier to shove in your locker without sacrificing your sweet moves.

10. The New Wheel, designed for wheelchairs to make storage in airplane overhead compartments and small car trucks a snap.

(via CNN) Now you’re ready to take vacation on with ease. Time to get packin’! Be sure to share the ingenuity with your friends using the button below.

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