Twitterverse snickers at apt byline on Reuters article about French men’s sperm

Yes, really. Somewhere in the Reuters newsroom, an assignment editor is doing his best Beavis and Butthead imitation.

Reuters medical journalist Andrew Seaman was among the first to mock his own byline on the “French men not producing as much sperm” article.

I had to write about this study, my name’s on ít – sort of. Via @reuters_health: French men not producing as much sperm

— Andrew M. Seaman (@andrewmseaman) December 5, 2012

People don’t think I’m real?! (see comments) MT @boingboing French spermcount down

— Andrew M. Seaman (@andrewmseaman) December 5, 2012

Other Twitter users couldn’t resist joining the fun. Because really, who among us doesn’t have an inner 12-year-old boy?

Look at the headline. Look at the author’s name. (h/t @bendwalsh)

— Kevin Roose (@kevinroose) December 5, 2012

“French men not producing as much sperm”, by Andrew Seaman #aptbylines

— ben walsh (@BenDWalsh) December 5, 2012

Surely a joke. Or this is the one story he’s been waiting his whole life to write. Check out the byline in this…

— Richard James (@richjamesmetro) December 5, 2012

Another classic of nominative determinism here:…

— Paul Hearns (@Paul_Hearns) December 5, 2012

The right man for the job! “@lucytweet1: LOOK AT THE BYLINE French men not producing as much sperm via @reuters

— Sue Truslove (@Suebloss) December 5, 2012


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