Veep star’s ‘birthmark’ is ‘proof’ Rolling Stone didn’t make historical mistake [pic]

Give @OfficialJLD credit for a sense of humor.…
Of course, we knew that already …

— Ed Morrissey (@EdMorrissey) April 10, 2014

Twitter was abuzz yesterday over Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Rolling Stone cover photo, which featured the Constitution on the “Veep” star’s back:

Also featured? John Hancock’s signature. Which is all well and good, except for one thing: Hancock didn’t sign the Constitution.

Louis-Dreyfus initially explained the oops away in character:

But today, she changed her story and presented herself in an even more revealing light:

Ha! Needless to say, the excuse went over well:!/ckd26238/status/454330308880379904



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