What This Man Built For His Grandson Took 6 Months… But It’s So Completely Epic. I Love It.

For six months, a grandfather in central China worked ceaselessly on building something for his grandson. It would not only help him get to school, but it would give him some major cool points as well. This custom-made gift ended up being so popular, he had to build two more for other family members. It runs on five batteries and is pure awesomeness.

The 50 year-old man had a project that would help his grandson get to school…

Get to school in STYLE, that is.

The grandfather built mini-lamborghini for only $825.

It took him six months to build this adorable luxury car.

The small car runs on a few batteries that last just long enough for a trip to school and back.

The tiny Lambo reaches a top speed of 26 mph.

The car features a working horn, stereo, trailer hitch and collapsable canvas top.

Family members love the car so much, they had the man build two more mini cars.

Soon, there will be a gang of mini Lamborghinis roaming the streets of central China.

Move over, Power Wheels.

There’s a new miniature car in town.

Source: Rsvlts Even adults want to drive this adorable car. Running errands wouldn’t feel like such a chore if you got to ride around in this thing. This grandfather did some awesome work, share it with others! (And be sad that you don’t have one yourself.)

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