When trampolines attack: Joba Chamberlain out indefinitely

Twitter had fun with this story on Friday when the world learned Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain will be out indefinitely after dislocating his elbow from jumping on a trampoline.

joba chamberlain and a trampoline. the jokes just write themselves

— Caryn Rose (@metsgrrl) March 23, 2012

Hey guys, Joba Chamberlain just had a season-ending Trampoline injury! (Do I need to add something else funny to this, or is that enough?)

— Eddie Alfano (@EddieAlfano) March 23, 2012

almost can’t help but laugh that Joba Chamberlain has a career-threatening injury from jumping on a trampoline. #amiabadperson?

— Justin Thompson (@JustThomp) March 23, 2012

From USA Today:

Joba Chamberlain, who once swept New York into a fervor with his dominant relief work for the Yankees, now finds his career in some doubt after dislocating his right ankle while playing on a trampoline with his son.

Chamberlain, who was already working his way back from Tommy John elbow surgery at Yankees camp, suffered the injury at what general manager Brian Cashman explained was a “kid’s center with athletic activities featuring trampolines,” according to the YES Network’s Jack Curry. Chamberlain had surgery Thursday night for what was described as an “open dislocation” and will be hospitalized for several days.

Joba Chamberlain jacks his ankle on a trampoline w/ his son?! Cancel spring training. Then dudes won’t get trampolined, or hurt toweling off

— Jim Rome (@jimrome) March 23, 2012


in Joba Chamberlain’s defense, he is intensely stupid

— Matthew Callan (@scratchbomb) March 23, 2012

This guy Joba Chamberlain broke his ankle playing on a trampoline.. My GOODNESS! Baseball players always get injured doing something stupid!

— Your Favorite (@QuietRay) March 23, 2012

Joba Chamberlain broke his ankle jumping on a trampoline with his son. I thought he was jumping up & down because Tebow is a Jet #Timsanity

— Justin Antweil (@JAntweil) March 23, 2012


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/03/23/when-trampolines-attack-joba-chamberlain-out-indefinitely/

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