Who’s Your TV Boyfriend?

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Who’s Your TV Boyfriend?

  1. You got:

    Daryl Dixon ( “The Walking Dead”)

    Like Daryl, your guy isn’t the type to show emotions, or to tell you how special you are. Instead, he’ll show you he cares by slaying a zombie for you, or clocking any guy who looks at you the wrong way. However, under the layer of badass, you know he’s a true sweetheart.


  2. You got:

    Jim Halpert (“The Office”)

    You love a funny guy like Jim. If a guy can’t make you laugh, he doesn’t have a chance. You know that people never truly grow up, and look for someone you can be a kid with.


  3. You got:

    Derek Morgan (“Criminal Minds”)

    You like a good guy with a hint of danger. You tend to date guys who are just the right amount of protective and have a quiet sense of humor. A guy who’s easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt, either.


  4. You got:

    Don Draper (“Mad Men”)

    When it comes to guys, you tend to fall for players like Don Draper. You like the chase, but sometimes you’re left wondering if you’re his one and only “bae.” When your guy speaks, he talks with an authority that will leave the rest of the room envious.


  5. You got:

    Dr. Jackson Avery (“Grey’s Anatomy”)

    Who said smart guys aren’t sexy? You know that you deserve everything you want in a guy, and you won’t settle until you get it. You tend to be on the pickier side, but you’re just looking for the total package — smart, sexy, funny, and piercing baby-blue eyes. That’s not too much to ask, right?


  6. You got:

    Jesse Pinkman (“Breaking Bad”)

    You don’t mind a guy with a bit of a troubled past. In fact, that’s usually who you end up with. Some may call it baggage, but you’re more than ready to lend a hand carrying it. You tend to go for the bad boys. Without them life would be pretty boring, right?


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